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Leaving a good impressionI’m that rare person, a Florida native, part city girl, part beach girl, but all focus and commitment when it comes to business and helping people achieve their goals.  (Let’s chat.)

“Tracy is professional, attentive and timely in her work. Tracy’s expertise has significantly broadened my horizons as a speaker.” – Sarah Fontenot, JD, BSN

I began my career at 17 in customer service as a call center manager,  (visit my LinkedIn profile for more details), was awarded a two year scholarship at St. Petersburg College right after high school then worked full time while going to schoolLinkedIn profile achieving a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Throughout my successful career, I’ve resolved customer complaints, managed employees, counseled individuals on the next steps in their educational and career paths and consulted with physician executives on their needs for medical management education.  My most recent position at the American College of Physician Executives had me assisting high profile physicians throughout the United States, The Netherlands and in Nigeria.

Throughout my adult life there has been a consistent theme of helping people determine and ultimately get what they need or want; this theme has let me to my certification as a social media specialist through speaker, author and entrepreneur Starr Hall in March of 2010.  I continually educate myself on the most current social media information so my clients don’t have to.

Certified Social Media Specialist

Including a social media marketing strategy as part of any current traditional marketing plan, regardless of your industry, will increase your visibility, sales, and overall goals by a measurable percentage.  I virtually assist and coach professional speakers, small businesses, art galleries, entrepreneurs, and many others in incorporating new methods of marketing to increase their businesses.

Social networking for a business or individual is ultimately about providing people with information that they want or need.  It’s using the tools of social media to create a two way conversation that builds relationships, encourages participation, distinguishes a brand and creates loyalty and interest… (In other words – “helping people”).

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