Using your blog to promote your book

BooksAuthors  – if you have a book being published, start including excerpts and snippets about the launch date, book signings and other events and news into your blog.  It will naturally start to stir up interest.

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4 tips on How Professional Speakers Should be Using Social Media

  1. Get involved on LinkedIn. Join groups that are applicable to what your content is or who your target audience is.  Monitor the discussions and provide answers or suggestions to their questions.  Pose questions of your own to encourage conversation.  Your postings will eventually set you apart as an expert on that particular subject so you become the “go to” person.  Be sure you don’t respond with a sales pitch or anything similar.  Simply providing useful content will peak their interest and grab their attention enough to seek you out for when they have bigger questions or need more detailed information.
  2. Be more effective on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account (which you should and you should be posting frequently), make your “tweets” more effective.  If you are tweeting something like “just finished speaking to a great group of people” change it to “just presented to a great group of physicians at St. Mary’s hospital about time management. Now its time for a Starbucks.” This tweet provides content on who your audience is and what your topic was while adding a little bit of personality.  Using keywords in your tweets will enable you to show up on search engines more frequently.
  3. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn.  Recommendations are like testimonials and they make your LinkedIn profile much more powerful.  It builds social proof of your speaking ability.  In addition, where LinkedIn lists your website, don’t keep it as “my website”, change it to something more descriptive like “bringingclaritytohealthlaw”.
  4. Use video testimonials wherever possible. Record audience members on the spot at the conference or meeting you are presenting at using a flip camera or your cell phone.  Anyone can write something and post it and say its true but seeing someone on video talk about your interesting, useful, content laden presentation is very convincing.  Upload it to your website and your youtube channel or even better, use and upload it to several places at once!
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