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BlogPrint43% of US companies will be blogging by 2012

Blogging is a great media tool in which to share your thoughts, ideas, research, musings and valuable content on a specific topic or area of interest.

Blogging can easily allow you to:

  • Give your thoughts and opinions on current events and other blogs or articles.
  • Create two-way conversations with your current customers or audience and draws in new prospects.
  • Establish yourself as having something worthwhile to share.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Connect with people who have similar interests.
  • Promote your business.
  • Share your music.
  • Provide excerpts of your writing.
  • Test out new product, topic or story ideas.
  • Share content that you think is compelling.
  • Make a difference.

Determining why you are blogging
will set you on the path to attaining your goals.

What will I do for you using a WordPress Blog?

  • Set up a fully branded profile using a basic theme taking into account your personality and copy balance ensuring that it represents your message and image to your audience.  Includes a blog page, an “about” page, optional video page, and choosing appropriate links and widgets for the sidebar.
  • Pre-load your blog with 7-10 of your posts before launch.
  • Determine the most effective categories and tags for your content.
  • Syndicate your blog to LinkedIn – displays your WordPress blog directly on your profile page.  This is a great way to encourage LinkedIn connections to become subscribers.
  • Syndicate your blog to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Set up your “sharing” features so that your blog posts can be easily shared by your readers.
  • Submit your blog to appropriate blog directories for more exposure.
  • Follow like minded bloggers.
  • Include a way for people to subscribe to your blog through an RSS fee and/or an opt-in email list.

Contact me for a free consultation and pricing structure

Now that your blog is set up, take my one-on-one tutorial to learn how to make it successful.

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If you wish to use a WordPress blog to create a full website, please contact my affiliate, Big Fish Website Design.  They are your easy website designing solution!

If you’d like a custom WordPress header or theme, contact my associate, Benjamin Caplan.


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