Social Media for Speakers – Blog Ideas

Blog ideasBeing a speaker, you already know that great content keeps an audience interested and engaged.  You develop new presentations and customize old ones using examples specific to your audience’s industry or the current economy to add more value and meaning to the session.   Why not apply some of these same strategies to blogging?

Here are 5 ideas for blogging:

  1. You’ve delivered a well received presentation so why not blog about the session?  Take a look at your slide deck or notes.  Can you create a top 10 tips out of that content?  Visitors always love reading useful tips they can quickly review.  Keep them to 1-2 sentences and ask yourself “why are these tips useful, interesting or of value.”
  2. Create an article brief consisting of 3-5 short paragraphs with a 1-2 paragraph introduction.  An article brief would elaborate on a top tips or certain subject you might have only touched on during the session.
  3. Did an audience member demonstrate a perfect example of your concept, idea or coaching message while in your session? Share the conversation on your blog.
  4. Did you read an article that relates to your session or industry topic?  Share it on your blog and add your opinion.
  5. Did any audience members approach you after the session and thank you for shedding light on a particular concept for them?  Did anyone ask additional questions after the session that others might like to know the answer to?  Can you create a blog post out of those conversations aka content?

If your blog is not syndicated on you website, now may be the time to do it.  Be sure to give your blog URL to your audience members so they can continue to benefit from the content you share.

Have any blogging tips for speakers?  Feel free to comment below.  Thanks!


About Tracy Kennard

I'm a social media marketer, consultant and virtual assistant at Your Virtual Footprint. I work with art galleries, artists, event planners, non profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs & professional speakers in leveraging social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs in an effort to reach their specific business goals.
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