Speakers: Get Found Online


Where are you???

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the days of submitting your speaker packet to meeting or event planners are over. No longer are they thumbing through a pile of one-sheets, dvd’s and promo materials.  According to Hubspot, consumers today start their shopping experience by looking on the Internet, in the search engines, the blogosphere, and social media sites.

****In order to remain competitive, businesses’ websites need to be found online by the consumers already searching for the products and services that you sell.*****

In other words….

  • Shopping experience = search for a speaker
  • Products = your books, presentations, expert topic
  • Services = your speaking ability
  • Business = YOU!

How do YOU as a speaker get found?

1. Through Blogging

  • Helps with SEO – gives you links back to your website when making valuable comments
  • Every blog post is indexed putting more of YOUR pages out their in search results
  • Its inbound marketing and permission centric
  • Gets you noticed and involved in your industry’s conversation showing you as an expert in your field

2. Through Social Media

  • Helps with SEO
  • Promotes your blog
  • Allows you to ask questions and receive feedback
  • Monitor the conversation about you and your topic
  • Networking

3. Through Search Engines

  • Organic search is best because research shows that people click on the organic results 75% of the time and paid results only 25% of the time.
  • Use keywords
  • Invest in SEO
  • Measure and analyze

By implementing these new rules of marketing into your traditional marketing plan and start being found online, you’ll be seen as the expert speaker in your industry and start receiving more inquiries.  Can’t do it all yourself?  Try a social media virtual assistant!

If you’re a speaker having social media success, I’d love to hear about your strategies!


About Tracy Kennard

I'm a social media marketer, consultant and virtual assistant at Your Virtual Footprint. I work with art galleries, artists, event planners, non profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs & professional speakers in leveraging social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress.com blogs in an effort to reach their specific business goals.
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